1. Click on "Manage & Audit".

  1. The Dashboard shows open Non-Conformities requiring a response. If there are no Non-conformities shown, the auditor has not requested a response yet.  

    Common Problems

    Very common inquiry is that NCR's are not editable due to the step of the auditor not yet requesting a response.  An NCR with a box that is not editable is a stage for another action to be completed by another party. When the NCR enters a response requested is when data may be entered.

  2. Click on a Non-Conformity to do the follow-up.


    NCRs requiring a response can also be accessed on "Non-Conformities (Workflow)" Tab.

    Overdue NCRs are shown in red.

    You may view NCRs in the audit itself but only those that you can respond to will appear in the dashboard or workflow tab.

    Written NCRs cannot be answered until the auditor moves them from Nonconformity created to the stage response requested. 

    NCRs viewed in the Audit cannot be answered and may or may not be ready for a response:

You can respond to these NCRs in this tab and workflow area:

  1. Click on NCR where you want to give a response.

  1. View Non-Conformity details.

  1. Enter Nonconformity Details.
  2. Click on the date icon to get the calendar, choose the date or enter the date directly.
  3. For uploading Files click on the Files button in the respective area.

  1. Enter Nonconformity Details and action details: Containment (when required), Correction, Root, Cause, Corrective Action.

  2. Enter the Cause Code by selecting a value from the dropdown.

  1. Use "Drag files/images here or click here" to upload files.
  2. Click on "Save and Close".

  1. Click on Tab "Communication" to check if the auditor entered a communication.
  2. If needed add communication for the auditor.

  1. If something needs to be added later and the auditor should not see the response yet click on “Save for later” and work on the NCR later and submit after everything is completed.

  2.  If everything was entered correctly click on "Sign" in the "Submit Non-Conformity" area. (This action will pass along the Non-Conformity workflow to the Auditor, please note if changes need to be made the auditor may pass the Non-Conformity back for adaptations.

    The NCR is now available for the Auditor to review.

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