To manage NCR's as an Auditor, navigate to the OASISv3 platform via the URL below: 


Click the "User ID" and "Password field to enter your login information. Then click the "Login" button.

  1. On the landing page for OASIS v3, click on Manage Audit.

Common Problems

  • Manage & Audit is not present as an option- This is tied to the access you have as a user and you will not have this option on a self sign up account. You need to ask the CB Admin to provide you with an account or permission granted to an already established account that was not a self sign up account.

This will take you Audit Order dashboard of Auditor Portal


Depending on your Filter setup on the right-hand side of the page, your view may slight differ. 

  1. Here an overview of audits from the auditor is shown dependent on which Filter is your default or that you have selected in step 2 below.
  2. Default filter options are available, but each user can create their own filters as well.

There are two ways to review and manage NCR's from the dashboard. The first is on the Audit Order dashboard:

  1. Select the "Non-Conformity Follow-Up" Filter on the left. This shows the audits where NCR follow-up is needed.
  2. Select the audit required for NCR review/management.
  3. Click on the button "Edit audit order" to open the audit.

  1. In the order, click on workflow "Non-Conformities" to be taken to the NCR's for this order.
  2. Click on a NCR to open and show more details in order to Edit the NCR.

The second option is on the Non-Conformities dashboard in the Auditor's Portal:

  1. Click on the Non Conformities page
  2. And then choose from one of the predefined Filter options on the left to view NCRs in their various workflow statuses.

Click on any of the NCR to open the details of that NCR.

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