Supplier OASIS Administrators have the ability to grant access to 
their organization’s Level 2 data.
• OASIS Data Levels:
• Level 1 data includes general company and certification 
information typically included on the certificate. Level 1 data 
shown in OASIS is considered as being in the public domain.
• Level 2 data is restricted company audit information that includes:
• Audit and nonconformance summary information
• 9101 appendix reports (e.g. audit plan, audit report, PEAR, QMS 
process matrix report)
• Supplier OASIS Administrators are associates with OASIS UsersManage application privileges for their respective organizations.
• It is recommended that there is only one OASIS Administrator per 
supplier organization

  • OASIS v3 has a structure that is used to associate people to organizations.
  • Every user has a unique Username and Password.
  • There will be multiple user logins depending upon your role.  
  • These are then managed by role and access.
  • When a user wants access to the functions or applications of a stakeholder e.g. AAB, AB, CB etc. they have to be associated with that organization.
  • Manage Users” is the way that is done.
  • It also used to control the list of applications that a particular user sees.
  • Initially the person with “Manage Users” access will need to associate you with your company.
  • OASIS v3 will send an email to the user containing a link to connect him with the organization that has send the invitation ticket.
  • When the User utilized the ticket received, he will be connected to that organization.
  • It is only possible that a user is connected to one organization.
  • The process is almost the same for each organizations; each organization has different Roles available that can be assigned by the organization Admin to the users.

Common Problems

  • No access to "Manage users" under the Main Menu - This could be tied to the access you have as a user. You need to ask the CB Admin to provide you with an account or permission.