Supplier OASIS Administrators have the ability to grant access to 
their organization’s Level 2 data.

  • Level 1 data includes general company and certification information typically included on the certificate. Level 1 data shown in OASIS is considered as being in the public domain.
  • Level 2 data is restricted company audit information that includes:
    • Audit and nonconformance summary information
    • 9101 appendix reports (e.g. audit plan, audit report, PEAR, QMS 
      process matrix report)

Supplier OASIS Administrators are associates with OASIS Users Manage application privileges for their respective organizations.

It is recommended that there is only one OASIS Administrator per supplier organization.

This access shall be granted to:

  1. All OASIS v3 Users
  2. All IAQG Member’s Companies
  3. Selected IAQG Member’s Companies