Supplier OASIS Administrators are associates with OASIS Users Manage application privileges for their respective organizations.
It is recommended that there is only one OASIS Administrator per supplier organization.

Navigate to OASIS v3 here to login to the platform: and manage access.

Click the "User ID" and "Password field to enter your login information. Then click the "Login" button.

You will be redirected to the landing page for OASIS v3.

  1. Click on "Manage & Audit".

Common Problems

  • Manage & Audit is not present as an option- This is tied to the access you have as a user and you will not have this option on a self sign up account. You need to ask the CB Admin to provide you with an account or permission granted to an already established account that was not a self sign up account.

  1.  Then click on "Level 2 access" where you'll find a list of users whom you can grant access to 
  2. Switch toggle "Grant access for all users and member companies" to "Yes"

You'll see notification that access was granted to all Users and Member Companies. If this is the desired result, then click on "Save".


Managing a Specific User is different than managing All Users in that specific user is more singular in process. And managing Member Companies is specific to managing a company versus user. 

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