Known Issues during “Limited” Functionality General Access

Thank you for your patience during the rollout period. Below is a brief list of known functions and/or issues that may cause confusion for users or still require some transitional post-launch attention from the digital team.

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Known IssuesDescription

Login and Access Issues:

Several compounding factors relating to logins combined to create challenges for individuals attempting to gain access or reset passwords. Usernames cannot be found consistently in the forgot password process. 

Resets based on email inputs created issues because emails are not a unique identifier in the IAQG system (a single email may be associated with a company or an individual's various roles). Therefore, this has been disabled. This may confuse some users as the email reset may have been used previously. We will investigate if it can be returned at a later date for instances where an email is only associated with a single entity in the system.

Login issues is a top priority. See issues addressed for ongoing progress on these issues. 

If you are unable to log in initially, please follow these steps:

1) Please ensure that you are using OASIS.IAQG.ORG only and not another system.

Common mistakes include: utilizing or IAQG Participants Portal at or OASIS Next Gen ( may be used to find a user name but ANY/ALL changes made there have no impact on OASIS V3. 

Please do not re-register a user or create a new login in order to link it to an existing company. Organization administrators may freely issue logins/credentials but we cannot link a newly created user to a company. Existing users in the system who are not correctly linked may be resolved in some instances via a helpdesk ticket. 


2) Please use the forgot password function at: using your OASIS Next Gen user name only. 

Unfortunately, we expect that many, but not all, users will receive this message:

If you receive a not found error, please raise a support ticket in the service desk. We are working to ensure that userIDs are resolved.

In the interim:

a) Please include your name, your user name, the company or companies you are trying to access and the email associated with your user account in the previous version of OASIS. This will help us resolve your user name rapidly.

b) If you do not know your OASIS user name, you can perform a forgot password at the former OASIS site and visit the edit login/Email option under My Account to find your User Id. Provide this to us in your service desk ticket for the fastest resolution. 

If you no longer have access to the email associated with your OASIS user name, please contact us with a support ticket and the information above. 

Data StatusDuring the OASIS V3 Transition Period, data has not been updated. This means that some status listings will be inaccurate as a result of the inability to make updates. If something has expired since July 1st, 2023; please allow some time for it to be updated (i.e. certifications status, auditor credentials, etc.)

Roles & Logins

As part of the system conversion for those with multiple roles or organizations within the IAQG and OASIS framework, we created separate logins for each role or organization you should still have access to.

  • If you have access to more than one role and/or organization type (e.g., some combination of OP Assessors, certifying bodies, member companies, document representatives, etc. or multiple versions of one), you will now have separate logins and will need to activate each individually.
  • Organizational Roles/Rights have also been streamlined, if you cannot see or do something you used to be able to, first check the knowledge base for direction (how you do the activity may have changed). If that is not the case, check with your Organization's Administrator to see if you still have the Roles/Rights under the streamlined settings.

This will be confusing at first as some of your data will be in separate places under different logins.

Missing Audit Data
  • We are working on re-migrating some of the data that did not come over properly. 
  • This will also affect access to any associated Level 2 data.
  • Before assuming any information is missing, be sure to check your separate logins if you were issued them.
Feedback Data The Feedback system has been slightly revamped, and as a result, a small number of records are not accessible, (i.e. you can only look back two years). In addition, you may find that there are some other scenarios where you cannot see something you are used to, such as certain types of visibility beyond the creator and recipient. We are working on this issue.
Search and Track - Supplier's Further Sites

Some supplier's entries in Search & Track are show sites that were part of previous versions the supplier's certification under Further Sites.

Auditors with CB Roles Portal Text Issue:

"Audit (<CB Name>)" is confusing but does not impact auditors or audits shown

CB name in the heading info is a known issue but it has no practical impact. 

All of an auditor's audit orders are in the Auditor/Reviewer portal regardless. This occurs where an auditor is also a tech reviewer or other CB role, such as CBCSOC, the login and rights/roles came through the CB and therefore carried that listing and avoided creating a second redundant login. These roles/logins can be separated and likely will but in the interim, it has no actual practical impact.

If you are looking for audits, use the filters to search for various stages and you will find a CB column in the grid. Please visit the IAQG Knowledge Base for a list of known issues and ongoing improvements. Example:

NCRs last audit pie chart inaccurate 

Online pie chart of NCRs "last audit" is not accurate. Displays sum of all NCRs for past years. Note, this pie chart has been removed from the Audit Download document. To be addressed ASAP in online audit data entry process. 

Audits migrated as finished but not reviewed may be missing validations that create issues in the review

In some cases some required data elements were not able to be migrated, such as site sign-off in Audit summary and Sign Off Conclusion section. Therefore, when moving through review you may be validation errors. The CB must push the order back to audit and complete the missing data entry to move the order forward with complete validation. This will only affect migrated audits not signed off by the auditor in V3. 

Migrated audits that start in tech review are subject to audit-level validationTechnical Reviews that migrated in review in progress or review pool may be missing data elements defined as subject to validation by IAQG. Update 8/29/23: Validations have been adjusted but some issues may occur. Therefore, these audits will trigger validations. They must be moved back to the audit in the CB Portal view and have validations cleared to move through review cleanly. 
NCRs cannot be reopened once closedThe requirement to re-open NCRs is not a standard functionality. This can be performed quickly via a helpdesk ticket and a streamlined process is being defined and deployed. Ability to perform this in the system is pending. If you would like NCR(s) re-opened, please identify the audit by number and the specific NCRs or indicate "all". 
Organizational Rep added repeatedly to audit participantsCertain edits by CBs cause the organization rep to be added as an audit participant many times and must be deleted by the auditor. We are evaluating the root cause of this issue. 
Audits moved to portal by CB outside of audit creation are unopenable by auditor

If/when a CB moves a created audit to Auditor's portal through the workflow mover, they have the ability to skip the new audit and audit accept process. This causes and audit with the workflow Auditor's Portal to appear in the open audits filter. 


These audits must be withdrawn by the CB and pushed to the auditor's profile using the audit creation and edit process. Please avoid using the workflow mover for shortcuts.

Some Supplemental Audits MissingSupplemental audits were merged into existing audits during data migration. Where a supplemental audit had a different audit number or could not be matched, it was inadvertently omitted. We are working to re-migrate these missing audits as soon as possible. 
CB data changes and edits create errors and validation issues

CBs using the transitional audit entry to manually close NCRs or do other tasks make errors or create impossible conditions that subsequently throw unresolvable error messages. For example, an audit in workflow stage checklist finished-findings workflow had additional NCRs added without the auditor's knowledge and another closed ineffectively. As a result, moving the audit to review was made impossible. 

CBs whenever possible should allow all appropriate users to perform system steps in the order and process prescribed instead of implementing admin-level shortcuts or workflow changes for users whenever possible. 

NCR Data Lost when not saved due to containment yes/no requirement

Auditors have reported losing data in NCR form. We believe this is caused by failure to save the NCR and clicking the X in the window after NOT answering the containment yes/no mandatory field. 

Auditors MUST identify an answer to containment to save ANY NCR data. 

Lead auditor signs off on NCR closure but auditor which created NCR is always recorded 

Some auditors and CBs have expressed concern that only lead auditors may close NCRs because who raises NCRs is an important data point. The NCR listing/grid always contains the "created by" field to support identification of the creator of any NCR.

Issues Addressed

Login Issues - Multi Account Holders

Hundreds of login issues have been resolved. Breadcrumbs have been placed in the system to support future needs.

Some users with more than one account (there are thousands) but with similar emails caused errors with resetting logins and emails. This has been resolved and we have developed effective immediate assistance strategies to support getting access quickly.

Consultant AccessConsultant access has been deployed and adjusted to support users who require access to many suppliers at the same time. This will be documented more thoroughly soon, visibility improved for suppliers managing this, and the ability to manage directly
Mismapped of NCR StagesTwo separate OASIS NG data points were not mapped correctly to NCR stages. This was adjusted and reworked.  
PEARSTransposed numbers in PEARs level grid caused the highlighted grid to appear in the wrong place and the wrong PEAR level to appear in some PEARs. This has been resolved throughout. 
Modification of Findings

Certain findings particularly migrated findings and findings past certain stages, would not allow users to edit corrective actions or auditors to make updates to statements of non-conformity. This is resolved. 

Findings not connected to processes in the original data were not migrated initially. This is resolved. 

Update 8/29/23: Some findings that were returned to the Supplier by the auditor after submission continued to lock the corrective action field. This is resolved and these are now unlocked. 

Technical Reviewer Qualifications/Review PoolCB Technical Reviewers were not tied to CABs and therefore could not see finished audits awaiting review. This has been resolved and when new reviewers are added the CAB is included by default. 
Level 2 Data Inaccessible to Consultant UsersTo be addressed with August 9, AM release. 
Individual Watchlists MissingA misunderstood data field in watchlists caused individual watchlists to not be migrated. The issue is identified, the data is present and this will be re-migrated soon. 
NCR Migration AdjustmentsAuditor verification was not appearing due to placement in a hidden field. The containment due date and two other dates were mismapped and have been corrected in all migrated findings.
CB New Audit Supplier Search filters

When searching for a supplier when adding an audit within Manage Audits, CBs could not find suppliers. These filters have been re-defined and renamed for clarity. Now, there are two top filters. One delivers all suppliers that have had an audit created and another delivers suppliers that have not (new suppliers). The remaining filters identify if a given audit type has not been associated with that supplier in the last, current, and next year. This will decrease confusion and make it easier to find a supplier to add an audit to. 

NOTE, when you find a supplier, you can assign ANY audit type to it. The filters are only for convenience in identifying if a given audit type may be necessary. 

Report Improvements

Complex data fields and migrated data with html code etc. caused reports to deliver blank values. Resolved. 

Report improved generally include OIN and city, state for Sites in addition to a variety of other usability improvements. 

Login Issues

Passwords can only be reset via username. Information is in hand to support increasing the speed of login resolution in response to tickets. 

OASIS login names are being restored wherever possible to existing users. We are working to resolve and improve this process on an hourly basis. 

Instructions and contextual text being improved to support users.

Supplier/CB Assessment Portal Landing Page Improved

Navigation instructions and directions were added on the landing page for suppliers and CB's assessment/NFR/Profile page.

Validation Issue resolved. Stage 2/Report validations only run on applicable clauses 

Formerly, validations were forcing auditors back to the report to indicate an answer where one was not required. 

User Logins from OASIS Next Gen (v2) restored

For all users that have not previously successfully logged into OASIS V3, the former OASIS UserIDs have been restored. This is substantially expected to log in issues experienced. Note, users should follow the steps above to ensure they are performing the appropriate steps and providing the correct ID.

Note, users who wish to change their login may do so by performing a forgot password, clicking on the email received, and entering their new emails:

Validation Instructions Improved in Knowledgebase
Missing audits restoredMany WIP and other audits that were not initially migrated were imported on August 21, 2023. These include WIP and audits related to canceled or deleted certificates. 
Migrated Audit Validation IssuesStage 1 and Stage 2 level detailed validations were temporarily turned off to avoid migrated audit issues.
Organization rep sign-off validation in migrated audits resolvedOrganization rep in migrated audits will no longer throw an error
Migrated audits that start in tech review are subject to audit-level validationTechnical Reviews that migrated in review in progress or review pool may be missing data elements defined as subject to validation by IAQG. Therefore, these audits will trigger validations. They must be moved back to the audit in the CB Portal view and have validations cleared to move through review cleanly. 
Audits stuck in "Audit Finished" resolvedSome CBs experienced that moving audits from certain stages such as Checklist Finished and Review in Progress using the CB level workflow change function caused audits to land in a back office Admin Review status and stage of Audit Finished that could not be moved. Updated to only allow movement to Technical Review and 28 audits in Audit Finished have been moved to audit in progress.
Validation Improved in End tabEnd tab validation language improved for one of two validations. The end tab remaining validation wording to clarify the issue above remains open.  
FatalError ResolvedCertain audits returned a system crash/Fatal Error when closing/sign-off. The root cause has been identified and resolved. Users are being notified.
"Not Audited" Checkbox Renamed to avoid disappearing Matrix

In the Preparation tab, the Not Audited checkbox was frequently misused by auditors. When clicked, it causes the matrix to be inaccessible based on functionality to allow failed audits to move back to the CB.

The label has been updated to clarify it is only to be used for audit failures or inability to perform audits. 


Reminder emails not sent

Reminder emails were reinstated for NCR and Audit workflow step changes. 

Feedback emails improved

Feedback emails have been improved to include additional context about the sender and recipient so users with many roles or affiliations can more easily identify the context for the feedback item. 

Integrated audits are not supported

Integrated audits have been identified as initially out of scope. These audits should not be created and performed. We plan to work with IAQG to deploy this functionality in the future. 

Organization representative(s) search improved

Previously when adding Organizational Representatives some records did not appear and some company names were delivered. Search filters have been improved to provide better results. 

CBs Supplier Search did not include some suppliers even though audit existedSome audits were migrated without the underlying standard/contract data so that the audit could be found but the supplier themselves were not visible to the CB. This has been resolved. 
Performance improvements generally

A wide variety of performance improvements were implemented to address timeouts, fatalerrors, and improve system performance and speed generally. Please continue to report any such behavior with service desk tickets. 

Validation DeactivatedBecause some migrated audits throw validation errors that are unresolvable, validation has been turned off temporarily in stage one and two areas. 
Decimal values in stage one formsThe ability to enter decimal values instead of whole numbers in various forms has been added. Note that users can control their number formats in the profile section off their login.  

Netherlands Antilles corrected to the Netherlands

1136 entities located in the Netherlands have had their address data changed to "Netherlands" instead of "Netherlands Antilles" instead of moving the suppliers to the Antilles. 
Reminder emails improved, feedback neededFeedback notification emails lacked context and have been adjusted to better explain the sender and other information so users with access to several feedback streams can be more efficient. Emails for audits and NCRs require additional improvement and we welcome suggestions regarding what you'd like to get in these messages. 
Duplicate Auditor Records from pre-2017/2016

Auditors with credentials prior to 2016 had two profiles in the OASIS NG system, often identifed with a "username2016" user name likely caused by a system change and background duplication of records. These records are expired and no longer credentialed but can cause confusion when resolving log in issues or when searching the system. Intact has identified these records with "expired auditor" in the suffix when found. They may be attached to historical audits so may be hidden but will not be deleted. 

These records are identifiable by old credentials and entirely expired qualifications when another qualified auditor records remains in the system. 

Ability to delete Supplier uploaded files

Suppliers can now delete files uploaded to NCRs etc. in error. 

Audits finished by CB  move to Review Pool consistently instead of getting "stuck"Audits finished by the CB manual workflow instead of auditor could be accidentally sent to a back office review step inaccessible in the IAQG system. This workflow option has been eliminated. CBs must select both the change and resulting appropriate status whenever changing workflow steps. 
Chinese characters identified with "?" resolvedDuring data migration, some Chinese characters typed into findings took on binary or other characters such as "?". These have been resolved. 
Wrong CB identified when generating certificates in some instances has been addressed. 

Where a Supplier had a history of more than one CB the standards tab contained more than one CB for the same standard. This caused the wrong CB to sometimes appear when creating a new certificate. 

These contracts/standards have been cleansed. Please notify us of any remaining issues. 

RESOLVED 9/15/23: End of Workflow: sign-off requires the auditor to reselect Audit Result immediately prior to  Sign-Off even if it was selected previously.

 RESOLVED: Audit result and workflow step no longer require re-selecting.
At the end of the workflow. You must re-select the audit result at the top level immediately prior to signing off. This will reset the values. We hope to resolve this soon.

NOTE, you must select this as the top level.

Audits no longer appear in the Published filter if sent back to the auditor

 Audit orders no longer appear the Manage Orders "Published" filter if they have not been published. This filter and functionality change will reduce the instances of "apparent" duplicate orders in filters. Users who complete an order may still see one in their auditor/reviewer area as these are assignments they have completed but they will remain in read only. 

Resolved: PEAR Data Disappearing

: RESOLVED this issue. Managing clauses in PEARs no longer causes page to load in a manner that will not save entries. 

We have recently received reports of PEAR text/inputted data disappearing. We are exceedingly concerned about this and are working with stakeholders to diagnose and ultimately resolve this ASAP. 

SOLUTION: PEAR data can be lost if/when data is entered into text fields where the WYSIWIG editor is not present, PARTICULARLY immediately following using the "Manage applicable clauses" button. 

WYSIWIG editor example:



Save and close after managing clauses and reopen. Look for the following conditions:

We are working to resolve this behavior as soon as possible.  

NCR Editing by Transitional Audit Entry Admin

 Transitional Audit Entry Admins may now edit all fields in a NCR to support data entry. 

NCR Status of Finished Triggers workflow close

NCRs may be placed in finished status by Transitional Entry Admins and this will result in the NCR Workflow Status moving to closed.  

Corrective Action Text in migrated findings retained

 Corrective action text entered by Suppliers is no longer lost when submitted/saved. Only impacted migrated findings that moved back and forth between auditor/cb and supplier. 

Error During File Generation resolved - Audits with empty processes or PEARS will no longer cause reports to time out, throw report generation error

: RESOLVED this issue. Background procedures that caused timeout were eliminated. 

Users who create partial processes such as without identified sites cannot generate audit reports and receive an Error During File Generation after a time out of the process. 


Auditors must correct the Process data to successfully generate the report(s), specifically, they must add at least sites and other data to the process

The ability to inactive additional sites clarified at Manage Supplier Additional Sites

Certification bodies needing to remove/inactive Additional supplier sites may do so now by adding a Date To to mark the site as no longer active as of this date. This allows CBs to manage sites removed by suppliers or no longer relevant to the certification. Inactive sites are no longer available to assign to audits and do not appear in Search and Track further sites area. 

Special characters in process names caused audit report generation issues

 Special characters in process names caused audit download reports to fail to generate and would produce a error code. These have been resolved. 

Full helpdesk search implemented in IAQG Knowledgebase

 A new search bar has been added to support users finding content across the entire entire IAQG Knowledgebase

Non-Conformities History filter added

Transition Entry Admins and CBs reviewing in-progress audits now have a filter to allow them to review all past non-conformities for the supplier.

ADC Version updated

ADC version 2.682 released to address justification logic issue and include Taiwan. 

OASIS V3 Files

Stage 1 data loss resolvedUsers no longer lose Stage 1 report data if they modify processes etc. after entering data. 
Attachments no longer required by helpdesk

Attachment requirement removed from helpdesk to support high security environments. Note that subsequent follow up and inclusion of attachments is exceedingly helpful for ticket and issue resolution. 

Please note that OASIS V3 operates differently, and certain data cleanup is currently underway. We appreciate your patience as we work on improving the system during the ongoing rollout.

Update Log



Known: Validation Issue (and solution): Audits without Stage 1 Non-applicable clauses do not select N/A in Matrix and cause a validation error when trying to publish. 


Known: Audits migrated as finished but not reviewed may be missing validations that create issues in the review


Known: End of Workflow: sign-off requires the auditor to reselect Audit Result immediately prior to  Sign-Off even if it was selected previously.


Addressed: Report Improvements


Known and Addressed: Login Issues (updated and placed in top row of known issues)


Assessment portal landing improved 


Stage 2/Report validation


OASIS V2 Logins restored


NCR Management clarified to avoid user confusion about where NCRs can be found that are ready for a response by the Supplier. 

NCR Management - Supplier


Missing audits restored


Additional organization rep and migrated audits starting in tech review clarifications added.


Several updates to migration data and validation interactions, Fatal Error Resolved, not audited checkbox renamed, reminder emails, modification of findings updated, feedback email, organization rep search, CB suppliers search, etc.added to Issues Addressed.

NCR not reopenable, integrated audits added to known issues


 Performance improvements


Known: Wrong CB identified, Some supplemental audits missing, PEAR data disappearing, CB data changes creating errors

Resolved: Validations deactivated, decimal values in stage 1 forms, Netherlands Antilles corrected, Feedback reminder emails improved, Duplicate auditor records, suppliers can delete uploaded files, audits finished by CB move to pool consistently, Chinese characters migrated with "?" resolved


Resolved: Wrong CB identified when generating certificates in some instances has been addressed


Known: Error generating inspection report


Resolved: Audit Result/Workflow Step Process, orders in published if sent back to auditor, PEAR data loss, expanded NCR editing by Transitional Audit Entry Admin, Corrective Action Text no longer lost. 


Resolved: Report generation error due to incomplete or partial Process/PEAR entries. 


Known: NCR data loss by auditors and sign-off issue. 

Resolved: Ability for CB to inactivate sites. 


Resolved: Special characters in process names report error, search function in knowledgebase


Resolved: Non-conformity history in audit workflow filter added for CBs


Resolved: ADC improved


Resolved: Stage 1 data loss, attachments not required in helpdesk